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Optim Ressources : a brief summary

From 1986 onwards, we have helped many clients successfully design and implement their transformation strategies, which were then translated into specific operational and managerial projects for which we provided hands-on support. The common characteristic of our interventions during all these years has been our prime focus on the necessary combination of performance improvement and people development.

To be consistent with this fundamental belief, we have transformed in 2019 our own governance model. We have chosen the cooperative model, which reinforces the individual involvement of each of us in the decision-making process and the subsequent actions’ implementation.

Our team is committed, more than ever, to the development of partnership relations with our client. This means bringing to our work with them our expertise, many practical innovations, agility, and the capacity of engage with their teams.

We are at your disposal to discuss about these elements during one of our “petits-déjeuners”, which are organised monthly. These events allow us to share specific tools and methods, and to present some of our assignments with a practical client testimony. And to access our latest news, follow-us on LinkedIn !

Paul Tap
, Président & Sébastien Gérat, Directeur Général
Élus en AG des actionnaires le 18 mars 2019.





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  • Created in  1986
  • Today : 19 people / 17 consultants
  • SCOP SAS since March 2019
  • Yearly revenue increase for the last 10 years
  • 2,20 M€ in 2017 of which 314 K€ in training (14% of total revenues)

values optim

Industry, transport & logistics, pharmaceutical & health, services & utilities, banking & insurance, municipalities and regional agencies, social & inclusion, public services

International optim ressources

  • Experienced, enthusiastic, open-minded consultants
  • Worldwide interventions to support the international projects of our clients
  • Famous for our practical approach to problems and recognised for the result focus of our actions
  • Loyal and long-term clients
  • A systemic mind-set which triggers change and brings meaning to it